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Computer Education is the process of acquiring the basic computer knowledge, ideas, skills, and other competencies so as to understand the basic terminologies, weaknesses of computers, potentialities of computers and how computers can be used to solve everyday problems.

Computer technology is an integral part of modern life and contemporary education. Computer education is necessary because students will continue to use computer technology in their academic and professional lives.

Computers are also used to enhance student competency in core content areas like English and social studies. Students might explore the Internet to find illustrations related to subjects they are studying. Science students might browse scientific magazines or websites. Students also use computers to perform research for their assignments.

Computer science curriculum varies by grade level. In the begining courses, students are prepared to learn programming techniques with algorithmic thinking and logic problems. In higher courses, students learn more advanced concepts, such as Web design and programming languages.
We live in a fast-moving world where almost everything must come instantly to us. In this computer era, we depend on the computer to help us complete tasks, and to solve problems. Computers are used in various fields like business, pharmacy, music, education, engineering, defense, transportation, and cooking as they help to ease certain tasks, provide information faster, and speed up the work. Wherever you go whether it is a mechanic’s shop or a fast food restaurant, some form of technology and computers are being used. It may be a computerized cash register or the machine that cleans out your engine but it is a computer and everyone needs basic computer skills to function in today’s job market. By computer education, we mean learning how the basic concepts related to a computer works, gaining the basic knowledge of computer operation, knowing about the basic components of a computer, the basic concepts behind the use of computers and knowing how some of the elementary computer applications constitute computer education. Learning about the computer basics followed by a practical experience of using a computer is the key to computer education. As computers are widely used today, acquiring computer education is the need of the day today.

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